How do I run TRS-OS?

If you want to run TRS-OS, I will assume you are a developer, experimenter, programmer or other enthusiast.

I welcome everyone to this project. With support of you this could be developed into a 21st century 8-bit operating system.

What you will need. Zilog eZ80F91 Acclaim development board is a good example with Zilog Development System (ZDS). This allows you to load and manipulate memory.

Other eZ80f91 based devices whereby you can load and run programs starting at 0000h.

TRS-OS and its guest TRSDOS must run from RAM, not flash.

You will need approximately first 800k RAM starting at 0000h to be available and loadable with core image file. This file will contain both OS and two 360k drives (similar to Model 4D with keyboard, screen, printer, storage drives).

You will need ANSI terminal or HyperTerminal to connect to development board and use for video & keyboard.

You must be able to start execution at location 0000h or 1E00h.

If you have a device in mind we can discuss specific hardware requirements and/or needed changes.

I am happy to report I now support Circle M 

Min-eZ: A Small 50 MHz eZ80 Cased System!

These systems are available from Circle M on Tindie!